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Our Iberian Salt Hand Harvested Sea Salts are sourced from living seas and then dried only by sun and wind to maintain full mineral composition. Iberian Salt retains its moisture due to its natural, unrefined state and rich magnesium content. Because of its high moisture content, it cannot be broken down with a mechanical grinder. It can be used in its coarse crystal form or ground with a mortar and pestle. The best way to store Iberian Salt is in a glass, wooden or ceramic container with a loose fitting lid (no metal).

Iberian Salt – Coarse Hand Harvested Sea Salt

This is the traditional crystal form of naturally harvested sea salt. This rich mineral salt is excellent for seasoning, tenderizing, marinating, fermenting, and preserving food. It can be ground using a mortar and pestle to create a finer crystal.

1 Pound Bag




Iberian Salt – Fine Hand Harvested Sea Salt

The traditional coarse salt crystals are carefully separated to create this finer texture for those that prefer a smaller crystal for seasoning food and mixing with other herbs to create blends.

1 Pound Bag





is_flor de sal_rev2Iberian Salt – Flor de Sal Hand Harvested Sea Salt

Ocean’s finest crystals, skimmed from the top of the salt brine during ideal weather conditions. Very popular with gourmet chefs to bring a burst of flavor as a final touch to an exceptional meal. The mild and sweet flavor is ideal for salads or for finishing foods. Also wonderful on chocolate desserts, flans, and fruit salads.

7 Ounce Bag